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“Face du Monde” (Face of the World) is an editorial line that shows what inspires me in life: traveling, photography, video, respect for nature, and the environment.

My videos and travel diaries are the guideline of “Face du Monde”. 

While my blog offers various articles, interviews, and practical tips on travelling as a traveler to inform people how to be organized when they travel.

To give you an idea here are 3 items that represent the editorial line of “Face du Monde”:

Lima, Machu Picchu: Travel in the Peruvian Andes

Becoming a time traveler with knowledge

Being au Pair USA: The example of Laetitia

As you can see from my blog, there is no advertising. This is on purpose, I want this blog to be an incentive for the reader to travel, to discover the world through my photography, video and writing. In this context I shall not offer or trade in commercial links or advertising displays.

Creating video content

Fascinated by photography and video I have all the necessary equipment for reportage photos, standard video and above all aerial shooting. 

I am open to all proposals content creation, photo reports and videos, press trips, etc.

“Face du Monde” is also very popular with various social networks:

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1100 registered Newsletter Face du Monde

…and counting.

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